SAILS Summer Conference on Law and AI

SAILS Summer Conference on Law and Artificial Intelligence

Leiden Law School organised a summer conference on Law and Artificial Intelligence as part of the interfaculty and interdisciplinary research program on Artificial Intelligence (SAILS) at Leiden University.

Law & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents the progress of science. It offers possibilities until recently unimaginable and can solve problems faster, better, and more innovative than ever before. Yet, while such new technologies may provide hope and change, they inevitably disrupt how we conceive reality, leading us to question and challenge existing norms and push us towards an increasingly louder call for legal change. While technology’s pace dramatically accelerates, however, legal responsiveness does not always follow as a consequent step. For AI, on the contrary, the European institutions released a proposal for a regulation laying down harmonized rules on artificial intelligence. This proposal sparks much discussion among scholars, raising the question of whether these rules will provide enough safeguards to ensure AI is safe for society.


In this Conference we explored how AI impacts society from a legal and regulatory perspective. Did you miss it? No worries, you can re-watch it in our Youtube playlist.

Part I: Advances in the regulation of AI

Part II: AI interacting with the Law

Part III: Teaching future generations on Law & AI


This conference brought together scholars from various disciplines to share their knowledge and discuss the legal and regulatory implications AI has for society. The speakers included:


Catelijne Muller, ALLAI, Member of the High-Level Expert Group on AI


Prof. Bart Custers, eLaw Center for Law and Digital Technologies, Leiden University

Prof. Iris Wuisman, Institute of Private Law, Leiden University

Prof. Anne Meuwese, Institute of Public Law, Leiden University

Dr. Francien Dechesne, eLaw Center for Law and Digital Technologies, Leiden University

Dr. Tycho de Graaf, Institute of Private Law, Leiden University

Dr. Peter van der Putten, Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS), Leiden University


Prof. Virginia Dignum, Wallenberg chair on Responsible Artificial Intelligence, Umea University.

Prof. Sofia Ranchordas, European and Comparative Public Law & Rosalind Franklin Fellow, University of Groningen

Dr.dse Angela Müller, AlgorithmWatch Switzerland

Dr. Andrea Bertolini, Dirpolis Institute at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna and University of Pisa

Felix Zopf, Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law, University of Vienna

Hadassah Drukarch, eLaw Center for Law and Digital Technologies, Leiden University

Carine Karaki, Université Jean Moulin Lyon III, President of European Law Student Association Lyon.

Jan van Staalduinen, Leiden University Medical Center Radiology Imaging.


Dr. Eduard Fosch-Villaronga, eLaw Center for Law and Digital Technologies, Leiden University.


For a complete overview of the program and invited speakers, you can find the program here.

Law and AI at Leiden University

Want to study Law and AI at Leiden University? We have a dedicated course on Law and Artificial Intelligence at the Bachelor’s level and also a course on Human-Machine Interaction at our Advanced Master’s on Law and Digital Technologies.


SAILS stands for Society (Social & Behavioural Sciences, Humanities, Law, Archaeology, Governance & Global Affairs) Artificial Intelligence and Life Sciences and is one Leiden University’s interdisciplinary programmes